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How To Make Payment

Log in back to your account.

Go to https:/


*click image to enlarge it*

Sign in with your registered email address, password and click ‘Sign In’.

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In your Admin panel, you will see 2 choices of MyVKad plans that you saw earlier in the website.

*Note: The plans and features  in VKad.ME is exactly the same as in the website.*

Choose plan

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Pick the best plan that suits your need.

After you clicked ‘Choose Plan’, a message will pop-up to confirm your action.

Click ‘Yes, proceed’.

Fill payment details and choose your preferred type of payment

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Next, fill in your billing details and choose your preferred mode of payment.

There are 2 types of payment you can choose from:

How to pay with STRIPE

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After you have filled in your billing details, click the ‘Stripe’ button.
Next click the ‘Continue for payment’ button.
Fill in your card credentials.
Next, go ahead and click ‘Pay Now’.

*DISCLAIMER: We do not store your card details. They are encypted and stored in Stripe’s website. Don’t worry. Your card’s data is safe and your transaction with us is totally secured.*

Account activation

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Congratulations! Your plan is activated!

*Your account is activated instantly if you paid with Stripe.*

How to pay by Bank Transfer

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If you chose to pay by Bank Transfer, here’s how to do it:


After you have filled in your billing details, click the ‘Bank Transfer’ button.
Next click the ‘Continue for payment’ button.
Next step is to make the online bank transfer payment from your preferred bank. We’ll use Maybank as an example:


*click image to enlarge it*


Our banking credentials are:

Account Number : 555126522781

In your online Bank Transfer form, input:


*You may refer to the above image for example.*

Payment verification

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After the successful Bank Transfer, copy your ‘Reference number’ (like the one circled in the image above).
We will need it for payment verification.


*click image to enlarge it*

Paste the copied ‘Reference number’ into the ‘Transaction ID’ box you see in the image example above.

Click ‘Verify Payment’.

Last but important steps:

  1. Forward us the Payment Receipt by Whatsapp at : 011-6330-1600 (iMoolah Network).

*click image to enlarge it*

Your account will be activated as soon as we received the Whatsapp and verified it.
And welcome to MyVKad family 😀