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How to add Google Business Profile link

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a great free tool by Google to help business owners to list their businesses and manage how your businesses appear on Google Search and Maps.

By adding your GBP link in your MyVKad will help you even further by reaching a more targeted audience locally by sharing your MyVKad links online and offline.

Here’s how to add your Google Business Profile (GBP) link:

*For this example, you must already setup your Google Business Profile page. But if you haven’t, click here to set it up ->

You can Google for tutorials on this subject.

*click image to enlarge it*

Let’s start. First log in your Google account where your Google Business Profile is created.

*click image to enlarge it*

Click ‘Get Reviews’.

Copy the URL in the text box below. This is your Google Business Profile link.

*click image to enlarge it*

*click image to enlarge it*

*click image to enlarge it*

Now you have most of the adequate links and features added in your MyVKad. You can add more or leave any features you don’t need. If you plan to add more, these are the guidelines to follow when adding multiple types of links and features.

So go ahead! Be creative! ;-D