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How to add services

MyVKad is actually more than just a mere virtual business card. Even with just a Personal MyVKad (without WhatsApp Store), you can still promote and sell your services or even tangible products. Equipped with a list of services/products’ photos and ‘Make WhatsApp Enquiry’ buttons’, interested parties will be able to send you WhatsApp messages to inquire about what you sell. Fast communication equals instant customer’s gratification!

*Other than services, you can also add your tangible products here for sale. The process is the same. Display your products with photos and price in the descriptions. Enable the ‘Make WhatsApp Enquiry’ buttons and bam! Your MyVKad has transformed into a online catalog! How cool is that 😉

You will reach this page AFTER you completed your ‘Add Payment List’ tutorial page previously and clicked ‘Submit & Next’.

And then click ‘Add New’.

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Click ‘Choose Image’.

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Drag and drop your services images here:

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